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Mad Skills Motocross is solid as a rock. There are several divisions to qualify for and there are additional collectibles such as the tricks and stars to grab, too. The icing on the cake is, without a doubt, the comprehensive level editor. [...] Mad Skills Motocross is exceptionally fun.

- Jay Is Games

The game also has an incredible physics engine that provides realistic-looking behavior to the bike and rider. [...] and if you land wrong, you can break the bike – and your rider – in many interesting ways. When you crash, your rider goes flying, with limbs and body tumbling like a rag doll. It’s so entertaining that I’ll admit to crashing on purpose just to watch (and listen to) the outcome.

- Macworld

Mad Skills Motocross is an over the top, arcade style, 2-D motocross game from indie game developer Turborilla. The game plays like a mix between the NES classic Excitebike and the almost as classic shareware game Elasto Mania

- Classic Game Room

The strongest feature of Mad Skills Motocross is the editor that allows you to create the course of your dreams (or nightmares! *insert evil laughter*)

- Out Of Eight

Gotta say, the first screen shot of Mad Skills Motocross didn’t fill me with much confidence. Plain old dirt bike game. Dull. Don’t make my mistake. Play this game. You will love it to death. (Literally)

- HarryBalls

Customer feedback

Kickass game dude! everyone at motocross thinks its great!


the game is fantastic, but on track edit you can only do 1 lap, can you change this. This is possibley the best motocross game ever.


Hello, I just want to say what a great game you develop, it´s amazing.


Awesome game, and my son (7) likes it too :-)


Tobias, OK finally have the game straight–it’s TERRIFIC !! just wondering if i’ll ever get to the “Turbo” level…..thanks again–really Cool action. Capt. G.


Initial target customer feedback

Fun Motion Physics Games

Fun-Motion Physics Games Forum

This game looks like it will be THE physics motorcycle game. It looks so, so, SO incredibly good

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Excitebike Version 5,000,000, 000,000.01? awesome.

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your game looks so fun [...] and it will probably be one of the rare shareware games i´ll buy.

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Facebook fan page

Facebook fan page



This might be a game I would actually pickpocket wallets for.




I´ve just had a look at it now, it´s looking so sweet i can almost taste it LOL.


oh gosh, that is going to be awesome!!!

By the way, the music is awesome!

Supercool! Can´t stop playing the alpharelease!!!


Beta tester feedback

arcade feel is awesome. just what I expected.


Definitely a lot of fun. The physics works quite well, and the ragdoll looks sweet as well as the suspension. Awesome! 


The physics are very good, close to perfect in my opinion. Perhaps some ragdoll-improvements as suggested in another thread.


once the first impressions of the awesome physics are over with and you can control the bike well, the ingenuity and challenge of the track is what will keep you going.